Bertin Winlight draws on its long experience in astronomy to make high-performance optical components and sophisticated subassemblies.

Bertin Winlight has teamed up with the world’s leading astronomers since making some of the first instruments for the Very Large Telescope (VLT) 25 years ago. Our engineers have built up significant experience in making components for large telescopes, including the production of optical components on demand and also complete instruments.

We have already contributed to a number of ground-based projects (VLT, Subaru, the W. M. Keck Observatory, the Canada France Hawaii Telescope, the Mayall 4-meter Telescope, the Large Binocular Telescope LBT), as well as spaceborne instruments. In particular, we offer internationally recognized expertise in making image slicers, collimators, spectrographs and complete instruments that allow scientists to expand our understanding of astronomical phenomena.


Image slicer

Bertin Winlight is the world’s leading producer of image slicers, based on a proprietary technology developed and patented jointly with the French National Center for Scientific Research’s Astrophysics Laboratory in Marseille (CNRS-LAM). This technology allows for the quick and cost-effective volume production of image slicers, while guaranteeing surface quality and optimized edges.



Bertin Winlight supplies complete spectrographs (excluding science detectors and associated cryostat), based on customer specifications or as a partner within international consortiums. Capitalizing on our long experience, we can produce spectrographs under tight deadlines, while ensuring impeccable quality.

Collimators, lenses and derotators


Bertin Winlight makes collimators, lenses (cameras) and derotators, as simple components or subsystems ready to be integrated on telescopes for astronomical observation.