Bertin Winlight supplies mirrors specifically adapted to grazing angles of incidence required for the synchrotron market, and more generally for all X-ray applications.

Bertin Winlight supplies mirrors suited for use with X-ray sources, and especially suited to grazing angles of incidence as required by synchrotrons. These mirrors feature unrivaled technical qualities. We also offer mirrors already mounted in a high-precision assembly (simple fixed frame, benders, gravity compensation, coolers, positioners), to guarantee their optical performance for synchrotron beamlines.

Our teams can also build more sophisticated systems, including KB, simple collimators or with a vacuum chamber, etc. For X-ray experiments, we design and build X-ray microscope type imaging systems.

X-Ray Microscope

X-ray microscope

Bertin Winlight designs, builds and tests single or multi-channel X-ray microscopes for plasma diagnostics, used on high-power lasers and other major facilities.

X-Ray Mirrors

X-ray mirrors

Starting with the customer’s specifications, Bertin Winlight grinds and polishes the mirror and adds an optical coating. We offer mirrors up to 1,500 mm and in various shapes adapted to grazing angles of incidence.



Bertin Winlight’s proprietary technology for ultra-vacuum mirror benders is suited to all mirrors and all sizes up to 1,500 mm long. It deforms the mirror either by adding a simple curvature radius or by generating an elliptical profile.



To guarantee mirror quality under radiation, we can also fit these mirrors with various types of coolers, using either the side-cooling method or indirect cooling (Eutectic bath).


KB systems

Bertin Winlight designs and builds, on request, KB (Kirkpatrick-Baez) systems for micro- and nano-focusing. These systems can be fitted with bendable mirrors or elliptical fixed mirrors.

& vacuum chambers

Positioners and vacuum chambers

Bertin Winlight designs, builds and tests complete systems, including the X-ray mirror, bender, positioner and vacuum chamber, which we then install directly at the customer’s site.