Following the acceptance of the critical decision 2 by the DOE (department of Energy), DESI project (Dark Energy Instrument) has given the go-on for the construction of 9 spectrographs to complete the instrument. This comes after the realization of first spectrograph completed by Winlight System. This contract will need the manufacturing and testing of 27 new cameras.
DESI will make a survey of the univers and will acquire spectrum of more than 30 millions galaxies and quasars. DESI will study the formation of large structures in Univers in order to better understand dark energy role in its evolution. Winlight System is involved in the project in close collaboration with Aix-Marseille University,, LAM, OHP and CEA-Saclay. A first spectrograph will be delivered during Summer 2016. First light on DESI is scheduled in 2019.